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Pro Tip: 3-Gun Training on a Budget [VIDEO]

Practice and training builds muscle memory. Here is how one 3-Gun Shooter does his training.

In order to build the muscle memory required to do things automatically under stress, we need to practice a lot. If you are not practicing, you need to start.

Dry fire practice is the cheapest, easiest way to improve your skills. With all the replica guns being made for airsoft, this is another viable option. For live fire, .22 Long rifle is a cheap solution and a great way to get real practice in.

Pro 3-Gun shooter Keith Garcia takes some time out of his practice regimen to share with us how he trains in his garage. He uses a combination of Dry Fire, Airsoft and live fire with .22 to hone his skills.

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Handgun Strength Training

As you can see, there is a lot that you can do without having to step foot on the range to train your muscle memory.

Repetitions are the best way to lay down those memory paths. I learned a few things from this video on how I can set up my garage for airsoft training. This is a great option for over the winter training inside.

Have you ever used Airsoft in your training? Does it work for you?

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Pro Tip: 3-Gun Training on a Budget [VIDEO]