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Pro Shooter Jerry Miculek Makes Slaw With a .460 S&W Magnum [VIDEO]

Need to make some coleslaw for the cookout you’re attending or hosting this weekend but you’re pressed for time?

Not to worry. Pro shooter Jerry Miculek is about to show you how to quickly shred whole purple cabbage using a .460 Smith & Wesson magnum, one of the most powerful revolvers of all time.

Actually, the video below is more like how to vaporize a cabbage with a revolver.

According to Miculek, the .460 S&W magnum can fire a 200 grain bullet at more than 2200 feet per second with nearly three times the force of a .44 magnum.

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In the hands of a pro like Miculek, the .460 S&W magnum can obliterate targets at ranges greater than 100 yards.

You’re about to see what it does to a dense spherical vegetable at close range.

As you heard Miculek say in the video, the .460 magnum shoots flat and can decimate a targets 250 yards away. The revolver was designed for long-range hunting, but as you saw in the video, it’s a fantastic vegetable shredder too.

What do you think about hunting with large revolvers and cartiridges like the .460 magnum? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 


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Pro Shooter Jerry Miculek Makes Slaw With a .460 S&W Magnum [VIDEO]