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Pro Angler Ish Monroe Charged With Battery After Tour Altercation

Bassmaster/Seigo Saito

Two Bassmaster competitors’ squabble over a boat incident leads to a charge. 

In Lake Toho, Florida, on day two of the Bassmaster Southern Open, Ish Monroe and Keith Poche came to verbal blows after Poche contacted Monroe’s boat coming in toward the lock.

While Poche said he felt it was merely a bump, Monroe went aboard his boat to settle the issue. That’s when Monroe says that Poche lunged at him, leading Monroe to defend himself, when the two anglers both fell, Monroe into the water and Poche onto another boat.

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Monroe went out as normal for the day and did well, returning with a 15-12 stringer and placing him in 18th place while Poche stayed in unable to compete after the lock master would not let him pass through. Poche reported the incident to authorities and sought out medical attention for his hip.

Upon his return and after his weigh in, Monroe was arrested for battery and booked at the Osceola County Jail with bail set at $1,000.

Upon his release, Monroe seemed indifferent to the affair, however he is scheduled to meet with the B.A.S.S. tournament manager Chris Bowes.



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Pro Angler Ish Monroe Charged With Battery After Tour Altercation