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This Primitive Trap is Best Kept as a Neat Idea

You'll be surprised how effective this primitive trap is, but don't be tempted to use it in the field.

Part of the allure of hunting, fishing, and trapping is learning the knowledge of the past. Whatever your favorite outdoor pastime is, you are likely well acquainted with knowledge that is thousands of years old.

If you are interested in history, primitive skills, or trapping, this primitive trap will surely grab your attention.

The performance of this primitive trap is actually pretty impressive and the design is ingenious. The fella in the video also did a fantastic job in its reconstruction and tutorial video.

Although a primitive trap like this is fun to see and interesting, it is not something people should consider using. Our modern day traps are far superior when it comes to dispatching or holding an animal, and ethically are the only choice. The way this primitive trap functions would cause far too many injuries to animals, and simply shouldn't be used in our modern world outside of a survival situation. Unlike other traditional means of harvesting such as traditional archery or flintlock shooting, this primitive trap is just not as reliably able to do its job.

Knowing where to look for fish, the habits of deer, or the tracks and trails of furbearers may seem simple and mundane, but it actually is a continuation of a knowledge unbroken for generations. Sure, we have added new knowledge and tactics, but some old tactics have simple withstood the test of time.

Some past knowledge is interesting, good to know, or fun to practice. Primitive trapping falls under this category. For thousands of years people trapped animals for food and fur, adeptly using the natural bounty of the world to meet their needs. Although most people know ancestral people trapped, much has likely been forgotten about this ancient skill.

It is my personal belief that primitive skills and ancestral knowledge truly have a place in the 21st century. Practicing these skills will completely change the way you see the world and you will better appreciate the accomplishments of the people of the past. However, some skills and knowledge of the past are best passed on as historical knowledge rather than pressed into service in the real world.

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This Primitive Trap is Best Kept as a Neat Idea