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Primitive Technology: This Man's Ingenuity Will Blow You Away

Primitive skills expert continues to impress as he grows his wilderness homestead using absolutely zero modern tools.

With no modern tools, a man adds a fireplace to his hand-built shelter, fashions several strong vessels and purifies drinking water.

We've been sharing this fellow's adventures into self-reliance as he explores how early man survived and thrived by virtue of his own hands and creative intelligence.

His most recent project is the addition of a fireplace to the tile-roofed shelter he built. He also fashioned and fired several clay vessels that he used to water his garden and purify drinking water.

His description of his clay vessel making process is interesting (edited):

A cooking pot and 4 large pots were made using the coiling method. The pots were rubbed with a snail shell and a smooth seed pod in a process called burnishing. This adds strength to the pots and makes them more waterproof. I only burnished them lightly. If done well they can get a very shiny finish.

Another day I decided to try boiling the water with rocks. Wooden tongs were made using a split sapling and the fireplace was lit. Quartz stones were placed in the fireplace and more wood piled on top. The stones took about 15 or 20 minutes till they glowed red hot. They were then taken from the fire using the tongs and placed in the pot of water. The small pot only took about 4 rocks to boil violently. Any pathogens that were in the water would have surely died from the 20 minutes or so of rolling boil (although I've never become sick drinking this water straight anyway). I drank the water and it was like warm tea.

His video documentation of his explorations into primitive technology are excellent. With no narration he aptly illustrates how he performs every project and task.

It is one of the most entertaining, inspirational and informative documentaries into primitive skills and bushcraft I have ever seen.

Watch the video linked below where he built the hut shown in this post.

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Primitive Technology: This Man's Ingenuity Will Blow You Away