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The Primitive Fish Trap for the Survival Situation You Hope You’re Never In

This primitive fish trap would definitely come in handy during a survival situation.

Buscraft is essentially the knowledge you need to go live in the woods, rather than just visit. This mindset is one promoted by bushcraft guru Ray Mears and hits the nail on the head. If you hold an abundance of this knowledge, you will not be surviving anymore than you do in your current situation. We all have needs to meet, jobs to do, and challenges. Those simply change, although dramatically, in nature.

One major chore during a survival situation is getting food. Food requirements are much higher due to the fact you will be expending many more calories in your daily routine. One efficient way to get food is by trapping, and a primitive fish trap might just be the right fit.

Watch as this Youtuber shows off a nifty primitive fish trap.

Trapping as a way of feeding yourself offers some obvious advantages. For starters it is a low calorie activity, so you should be getting more out of it than you put into it. Secondly trapping frees up your hands to work on other projects you have. A primitive fish trap would be especially beneficial for a person in a solo situation who must perform all the other camp chores as well.

The downfall of trapping for food would have to be the fact that it might not yield as high of a return. You only get one fish per trap, and that is if you actually land it. By operating the fishing pole manually, you could hopefully land a few fish at a time when the bite picks up.

For those people interested in testing out the primitive fishing trap be sure to check your state fishing regulations. It might warrant a call to the local game warden as well.



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The Primitive Fish Trap for the Survival Situation You Hope You’re Never In