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Pretend Deer Season Is Better Than Bad Deer Season [VIDEO]

What do you do when you want to go deer hunting and you’re a newbie who’s still not very good at it? You PRETEND, that’s what you do!

This would-be deer hunter just doesn’t seem as seasoned as he might be, as he awkwardly works his way to his stand.

Like many first-time hunters, he hasn’t quite mastered the skills of patience, silence and stillness.

But he’s not about to let his inexperience or poor woodsman’s skills get in the way of a “successful” hunt!

A little Ted Nugent background music never seems to fail to get us deer hunters, even the newbies in our ranks, fired up.

If nothing else, he gets an ‘A’ for creative imagination and a positive mental attitude. And what is success, after all, if not a positive mental attitude.

Here’s to pretend deer season!

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Pretend Deer Season Is Better Than Bad Deer Season [VIDEO]