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Presidential Potential Ted Cruz Cooks Bacon with AR-15 [VIDEO]

Ted Cruz cooks bacon with an AR-15; haters soon follow.

What’s more American than bacon and AR-15s? How about Texas Senator Ted Cruz cooking bacon with an AR-15? A recent video by the IJ Review shows Presidential candidate Ted Cruz cooking bacon on an AR-15.

Ted Cruz has been an advocate for gun rights as a Texas Senator, but this video shows his shooting, and cooking, skills in action.

Machine gun bacon has become more popular on the Internet in the past couple of months and Ted Cruz can officially be added as an AR-15 bacon-cooking enthusiast.

The YouTube community has not been a big fan of the video. In the past two days the video has gained 620,000 views. However, the video has 3,455 dislikes and 2,146 likes. Along with the many dislikes are many distasteful comments regarding Ted Cruz and gun ownership.

One crazy comment read; “You’re then supposed to eat the bacon by putting the barrel in your mouth.”

It’s hard to believe that certain individuals get so worked up by an obviously harmless entertaining video.

If you feel like reading numerous ignorant comments, head over to the comments section of the video.

In the meantime, go out and enjoy the weather and head to the shooting range.

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Presidential Potential Ted Cruz Cooks Bacon with AR-15 [VIDEO]