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Prepping For Pumpkin Warfare [VIDEO]

Pumpkin warfare is real, and you need to prepare.

In the days and weeks following Halloween sportsmen can think up some pretty cleaver ways to dispose of unwanted pumpkins. But using them as a study for prepping for pumpkin warfare is one of the most creative I’ve seen.

This video tests three different guns that you may want to use for pumpkin warfare. Watch the test and see what you’d pick.

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While this video is fun and can be looked at as just showing off a fun way to shoot pumpkins, it can actually tell you something about shooting and the guns involved.

I found it really interesting that none of the guns made it through more than 2 pumpkins. I would love to see a pumpkin warfare: round two where some other types of guns are used.

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Prepping For Pumpkin Warfare [VIDEO]