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How to Prepare for Winter Hiking

Winter hiking has a lot to offer but you must take extra care for preparing for the hike.

These tips will keep you happy out there on the winter hiking trails!

Dress in Layers

Dress warmly but make sure you do so in layers. It is easy to add layers if cold, or remove layers when warm. Avoid sweating by removing layers when you start getting too warm.

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Bring Snowshoes

When the snow starts getting deep, strap on some snowshoes or cross country skis and enjoy the outdoors in a way that has been done for centuries.

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Bring Trekking Poles

When winter hiking in snow and on ice, use trekking poles and ice cleats to keep sure footing on icy, tramped down trails.

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Watch Your Step

When hiking unfamiliar territory in winter with the landscape covered with snow, watch your step! There may be holes, tire ruts or steep drop-offs. Be careful and take risky areas slowly.

Winter hiking on the Gilahina Trestle, Wrangell St. Elias Park, Alaska.
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Bring a Survival Kit

Keep a small winter survival kit with you. This should contain multiple ways to start an emergency fire, a way to signal help, like a whistle and a reflecting signal mirror, and some high-energy foods. Supplement these items with extra ones you feel you need, but don’t weigh yourself down!

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Get out there and enjoy winter hiking, you will be glad you did!

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How to Prepare for Winter Hiking