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How to Prepare and Split Firewood Properly [VIDEO]

What's the best, safest way to go from downed tree to armfulls of split firewood, especially when you're working with big wood? Wranglerstar has some great advice.

Anyone who is familiar with Cody Crone's Wranglerstar YouTube channel knows that anything related to lumber work is a favorite subject.

Although his title for this video is "How to Split Firewood Properly," he offers up a whole passel of useful information, enjoyable personal asides, and a heartfelt reference or two to his family history.

This is a good one, in the vein of Wranglerstar's better videos that combine useful, practical information with some down-home anecdotes and pleasant banter.

He manages to take what might be dry and familiar chainsaw maintenance, and makes it interesting and engaging. Crone peppers brief engine maintenance advice with nods to his beloved grandfather and some valued old tools - an original Coleman fuel filter and a Dolmar two-stroke fuel container.

I don't know about you, but I'll be checking my dad's garage for one of those vintage Coleman red aluminum 1A felt-lined fuel funnels.

Wranglestar makes a good teacher, because he follows the keys of effective teaching: Make it personal, make it relatable.

His admonition on how and where not to be when cutting slabs on an incline is also common sense wisdom born of experience. Safety is always job number one when working with wood.

What do you think, did he hit that old wedge squarely at the end? I think he did.

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How to Prepare and Split Firewood Properly [VIDEO]