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How to Prepare for Migratory Bird Season

These quick tips will get you ready for hunting those waterfowl and doves.

Preparation for any season is very important. Migratory bird season can range from hunting doves to hunting waterfowl.

These tips will help you get out there ready to hunt and not worrying about if your gear is up to the challenge.

Start off by sitting down and making a check list. Items that are not necessary may be left at home, but make sure you check off the important ones as they are packed to go hunting. In this way, you will always be prepared for migratory bird season, and all others.

Practice and anticipation

Take stock in what ammunition you will need for the whole season and buy it well before the season starts. Once season starts, it may be harder to find what you need. Also, test your shotgun patterns well before the season and pick what choke tubes work best for the chosen loads.

Practice out on the clay pigeon courses. Nothing will get you ready like bonding with your shotgun on the range. Your improved accuracy will be well worth the time when the birds are on the dinner table.

Make sure you scout out the locations that you are planning on hunting. You maybe surprised that the field you were going to use is under many feet of water due to a new beaver dam or that grain field is now a large bramble nightmare.

Also, if the land is private land, make sure your hunting permission is still valid and talk to the land owner to make sure he does not have any new thoughts or ideas on where you should be. The land owner or land agent knows the land, so ask for advice on the best locations.

Mend any clothing that may be ripped and waterproof and seal leather boots. The small things like that can help alleviate many headaches that may crop up from clothing malfunctions afield.

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Dog duties and more

Make sure if you use dogs they are ready to go. Get them out and practice, both parties will do well with the exercise.

Be sure to get all of your permits and licenses taken care of early. Be well versed in the laws so you do not have any problems with law enforcement.

Clean your shotgun. If you are using a boat, get the motor maintained and oil changed. Have a first aid kit ready, medicine and survival gear.

Don't forget to check forecasts and do your best to predict the best days to go. If the birds are on the move and you're ready and waiting, this season may just be your best.

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How to Prepare for Migratory Bird Season