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Predator Masters’ Arizona Hunting Convention Expected to Draw Protestors

Facebook/Predator Masters

Predator Masters is holding a hunting convention this week in Arizona and animal rights groups plan to protest the event. 

Predator Masters will hold a hunting convention on Thursday in the Tuscon area, and is expected to draw protests from animals rights groups.

Many have spoken out against Predator Masters, claiming their hunts are merely “killing contests.”

Animal protection advocates say the group’s conventions included daily predator hunts that are nothing more than an “indiscriminate slaughter” of coyotes. Greg Hale, a Tucson man organizing protests against the group, said last year’s New Mexico hunt left 40 coyotes out to rot in the field.

Predator Masters spokesman, Bob Lemons, firmly stated their group won’t organize hunts or direct the hunting activities of its group members during the convention.

Every year, we have a Predator Masters hunt and convention, but we are not organizing a hunt. We are not organizing a contest. It’s just people privately deciding they’d like to go out and hunt.

Judy Paulsen, spokeswoman for a group called Project Coyote, called predator hunters “thrill killers.”

She added, “You see piles of slaughtered coyotes, but they’re not using them for food or fur. It’s just for the fun of killing. There should be a total ban on this kind of coyote killing.”

Lemons spoke of how predator hunters go after other species such as bobcats, foxes, raccoons, and more. He told reporters the members of his group are more than killers.

Predator Masters is not just going out to kill coyotes. It’s recreational sport hunting for predators.

Hale told reporters of his intentions by protesting; “We want to make them unwelcome here,” Hale said. “What they do is a complete and indiscriminate slaughter of coyotes. It’s more of a mass killing than a hunt.”

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Predator Masters’ Arizona Hunting Convention Expected to Draw Protestors