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Precision AK: Rifle Dynamics Don't Mess Around

AKs have long been thought to be a sub 300-yard gun. This AK is knocking targets at almost 800 plus yards.

The optic is the Trijicon ACOG tuned for the 762x39 cartridge. The optic helped the shooter reach out to the extended target distances. One question that quickly comes to mind is, does the AK cartridge work effectively at the extended distances.

Travis claims that you can get almost 950 feet per second at almost 1000 yards. I wonder how much the bullet is tumbling at the end but now I'm being picky.

Rifle Dynamics is known as the prestigious AK rifle builder and they make AKs do what they were never really thought of doing before. The American AK builders have been here for some time and it's definitely known that Jim Fuller is pretty much the go to guy for the AK community. Fuller is the AK trendsetter, and thus makes some innovative contributions to the industry.

The AK has been a very sought after rifle lately especially with the "American AK" movement. Since the Federal Administration has blocked many more parts from being imported into the US, the demand for American made parts and rifles has skyrocketed. Never tell the American people they can't have anything because this is one example of what demand can motivate a company like Rifle Dynamics to do. Stay safe and keep training.


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Precision AK: Rifle Dynamics Don't Mess Around