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Preacher Gets Death Threats for Photo with Gazelle

rikki doolan

A preacher has received death threats from anti-hunters for a photo he shared of himself with a gazelle he shot. Is everyone else as tired of this as I am?

Preacher Rikki Doolan recently went on a safari in South Africa. While on the hunt, he killed a gazelle. He had a photo taken of himself and the animal and shared it on his Facebook page. And, of course, anti-hunting zealots began to bombard him with condemnation and death threats.

Some even tried to use verses from the Bible to condemn him. Others were just simply crude and threatening in their insults. But Doolan, who is from the UK, seems relatively unperturbed over the brouhaha.

“I definitely didn’t do anything wrong, and it is something that has been done since the start of time,” he declared. He has proudly left the photo up on his page.

“It is in the Bible that animals are given as food,” he said. “People just wanted to use this as an opportunity to have a go, I think.”

Nevertheless, the pastor was a bit taken aback by some of the comments. “People were saying vile human being, and there were death threats. People were saying this guy should be dead,” said Doolan. “I knew there would be some type of reaction, but I didn’t expect it to be like that.”

The usual nonsensical and extreme comments were made by anti-hunters, people who haven’t a clue about the natural world or our place in it. It has become so tiring to see these foolish people spout their ugly comments every time a hunter shares a photo of the natural end result of a successful hunt.

People need to eat. Animals must die in order for that to happen. Whether you eat vegetables or meat, animals die in the process of getting that food to your table. Hunters do the deed themselves, without the middleman, and in the process they develop a relationship with nature that is closer than anything a non-hunter can ever do. Therefore, they respect nature, and the animals they harvest.

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Some complained about the photographic aspect of it.

“It’s the showcasing of the picture that’s the issue. Kill the animal and eat it. It’s not a trophy,” said one.

Another opined, “Did God say kill the animal, show off on Facebook how cool you are with your gun against a helpless animal?”

Well, the recording of a successful hunt has been done since time immemorial. Early man painted on cave walls and indigenous people kept parts of animals as mementos, in order to remember the hunt and share the story with their friends. It is a natural and, I’d say, even culturally necessary part of the hunt.

Of course, the gazelle was eaten, and Doolan posted: “it was beautiful on the BBQ.”

He defended the rightness of his hunt and the purpose of the animals as food. “It was on an organised hunt on a game reserve, run by farmers on a huge amount of land who have raised the animals to be eaten,” he said. “Just because they buy their meat from Tesco, doesn’t mean that animal isn’t raised to be killed.”

He also injected a bit of humor into his defense: “Back in Boro, a lot of people go fishing and the first thing they do is pose with their catch. The only difference with this is mine was bigger.”

Many others also came to his defense and, in fact, outnumbered the anti-hunters by a good margin.

“This animal was killed in a more decent way than most meat in your local stores,” said one.

“These people must all eat rabbit food or be so holy that they just don’t eat anything of the earth. Your meat, your fish, your chicken is ALL killed one way or another, gutted, cleaned and then put on braai and eaten! Here in my country we hunt our meat and then eat it. Proud of your first hunt Rikki Doolan and a true man of God too!” said another African.

“The meat in your stores comes from animals that are being born and bred through chemical ingestion, force feeding, and cruel, cruel, cruel treatment. This animal had a long beautiful life, hunted, as the bible says we should… And then immediately taken to be processed and is feeding a lot of people. Don’t be ignorant and ‘holier than though’ while you eat your meat in the bliss of ignorance…” said another.

Way to go, Pastor, and hats off to all of those people who supported Doolan. I, for one, am getting pretty weary of the onslaught of anti-hunting ignorance and self-righteousness.

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Preacher Gets Death Threats for Photo with Gazelle