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Prank Caller Asks for Day off to Go Fishing From a Job He Doesn’t Have


This prank caller phones in to work asking for a day off to go fishing, except there’s one little catch.

Sometimes life is full of hard decisions. We have to get up and go to work every day and make a living, or at least support our fishing habits. Some days when the weather is just right, you want to take a day off to enjoy it and get out on the water.

This prank caller phones in to an employer asking for a “sick day” to go out on the lake with the boys because the weather is nice. There’s just one catch, it’s not actually his employer.


Sylvia, the assistant manager of electronics, where Jordan claims he started work a week ago, sternly explains that not only would it be an unapproved absence, but likely that disciplinary action would be taken, a “first level written discipline.”

Of course, Jordan wants to know how many of those he gets! “You sure you can’t just do me one just this once? It probably wont be busy.”

Sylvia ends the call by explaining that Jordan is missing the point, and he just needs to show up for his shift.

Let’s hope there’s not actually a Jordan in the electronics department where he was prank calling, because if so, that guy is some serious trouble!



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Prank Caller Asks for Day off to Go Fishing From a Job He Doesn’t Have