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In Praise of the Beard for the Great Outdoorsman

Terminal Beard

Great outdoorsmen of the past sported these magnificent displays of facial hair into the deep wilderness.

Lets look at why the beard is still a favorite of sportsmen.

Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson of “Duck Commander” sports the all-purpose, mature beard synonymous with years of woods knowledge. His beard is a testament to his wisdom and his backwoods know-how.

Just as our forefathers of the wilderness sported great beards, Mr. Robertson honors those men with his magnificent display of the super beard!

Duck Commander

Anonymous Outdoorsman

Speaking of men of the past, this fashionable fellow sports his beard with his ultra-warm buffalo hide coat. With his fur hat, he is clad against the harsh winter wilderness’s cold attacks against this pioneer. His beard matches his hat and coat, so he would be quite fashionable today.


Eric Young

Pro wrestler Eric Young is a beast in the ring, and a beast on the water pursuing his interests in extreme fishing. Mr. Young’s beard protects him from the harsh sun, biting insects and, of course, sharks.

Zap 2 It

John Muir

John Muir, personal friend of Theodore Roosevelt, mountain man, and conservationist, was at home in the wilderness more that he was out of it. His beard was with him throughout his adventures.



Have no fear, outdoors people who are of the fairer sex or cannot grow a beard due to young age or work-place reasons! Multiple hats with beards are available to let you fit into this bearded brotherhood.

Closeout Zone

So, what do beards do for the modern sportsman? Well, they keep you warm, shield you from bugs, hide your face from game animals, are great to pet when in deep thought, and honor our great mountain men of the past whose beards were so tough they probably could sharpen their bowie knives on them.

Long live the beard!

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In Praise of the Beard for the Great Outdoorsman