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America’s ‘Duck Factory’ [INFOGRAPHIC]

The U.S. Prairie Pothole region is America’s “Duck Factory.”

The massive swath of land stretches across the northern Great Plains, and serves a critical habitat for North American waterfowl. The region’s mix of grasslands and wetlands, also known as “potholes,” provide the perfect breeding ground and habitat for several species of waterfowl, especially ducks. But the region is currently at risk. Many of the region’s wetlands have been drained for agriculture. To shed light some light on the conservation efforts in the region, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service created this infographic. It has some interesting information about one of our nation’s most diverse ecosystems and prime duck hunting regions.


If you’re interest in learning more about conservation efforts in the region, visit Fish and Wildlife’s Prairies Conservation Campaign.

What do you think about conservation efforts in the Prairie Pothole Region?

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America’s ‘Duck Factory’ [INFOGRAPHIC]