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How to Practice Your Camo Game in the Off-Season

practice your camo game
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When the off-season rolls around, you need a way to practice your camo game, and I think we've found it. 

No matter what people who don't hunt say, it is very difficult to get camouflaged up and sit still enough that animals can't see or don't notice you. To do so successfully takes a great deal of skill, experience, and practice.

So, in order to practice your camo game in the off season you need to find some ways to keep things interesting...we think you'll enjoy this.

I can't think of many ways to practice your camo game that would be much more effective, and chances are they won't be any more fun either. You just have to make sure you are well prepared in case someone's fight or flight reflex leans a little too far towards fight when you jump out for the grand reveal.

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How to Practice Your Camo Game in the Off-Season