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Powderhook's New App Direction Looks to Connect the Outdoor Community

Silicon Prairie News

Powderhook, the community app that connects outdoorsmen and women with public and private land and water is moving in a new direction.

Known for their app that connects hunters and anglers with sources to locate public land or request permission to use private land, Powderhook has decided to change the pace of its current app direction.

Their central goal has and always will be finding more ways to get people in the outdoors to hunt and fish more often. Now, their app will "allow people to ask anonymous questions related to the outdoors, with the nearest 20 users receiving push notifications."

As founder Eric Dinger put it to Silicon Prairie News, "The app is kind of like Yik Yak and Reddit had a baby for the outdoors." This new platform will also do more to target newbies to hunting and fishing by allowing people to freely ask questions.

Using just the app, Powderhook hopes that people can walk away from each usage with a wider knowledge base, including responses target to a certain locale such as what type of bait to throw, what kind of seasonal conditions are ideal for catching a certain fish, and where to hunt publicly.

The company wants to up its user community, which is currently around 60,000, because the more people using the app, the more successful and helpful it will be. The app is now available both on the Google Play and the Apple stores.


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Powderhook's New App Direction Looks to Connect the Outdoor Community