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Powderhook Announces Nationwide Release of App


The Powderhook App will provide sporting men and women realtime answers to local outdoor questions.

News flash from Captain Obvious: cell phones aren’t going away anytime soon.

With that in mind, the sporting community now has another tool with which to gather information about their favorite outdoor activity.

The Powderhook App, making its official nationwide release, has the ability to get you real-time outdoor news and info. This will give users “free access to local information about outdoor events and activities, hunting and fishing opportunities, and free maps of public lands, lakes, and rivers across the country.”

With issues like private land access and new-to-the-area individuals, decline in outdoor participation has never been more evident. Apps like the Powderhook can open doors between sportsmen and the activities they seek.


Powderhook founder Eric Dinger has seen the struggles of traveling hunters and fishermen and has taken the bull by the horns. Dinger said, “No one has a bigger incentive to grow the outdoor industry than the people and businesses who work in it.”

With that in mind major brands like Cabela’s, Yamaha, and Bohning Archery have adopted Powderhook. Even such venerable non-profit organizations such as NWTF, Delta Waterfowl, and Pass It On-Outdoor Mentors have signed up.

The incentive for businesses to participate is evident. According to their news release, “The Powderhook app works like a crowdsourced help desk, with hundreds of local experts earning rewards for acting as virtual guides.”

The Powderhook app is available free for iOS and Android. Visit the Powderhook website for details on downloading this new adventure in local information! Getting outdoors and getting the information to be successful has never been easier.


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Powderhook Announces Nationwide Release of App