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East Texas POV Deer Hunt with a Solvid Camera Mount

POV Deer Hunt In Texas

Check out this awesome POV deer hunt in east Texas filmed with a Sony handheld camcorder mounted on a Solvid head camera strap.

Filming hunts to share with friends and family is becoming more and more popular these days. Fortunately, Solvid has developed an inexpensive head mount that enables hunters to get great POV deer hunt footage.

I used a Sony camcorder mounted on my Solvid camera strap to capture this video of me bagging a doe for the freezer during the opening weekend of this year’s Texas deer season.

As you can see, I was slightly off on the alignment of my camera. However, I’m still pretty happy with how my POV deer hunt video turned out.

That’s not bad footage considering it was taken using a $40 head mount and a regular video camera. If you’re interested in getting some good POV deer hunt footage of an upcoming hunt, consider using a Solvid head camera mount.

Keep in mind that you can use it for things other than deer hunting. I got this awesome footage of a pheasant hunt in Oregon using the same camera and camera mount. Additionally, one of the guys from Solvid got some outstanding video of his archery elk hunt using the same camera mount as well.

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East Texas POV Deer Hunt with a Solvid Camera Mount