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When Pouring Gasoline on a Campfire is Funny [VIDEO]

A can of gasoline and an open flame just don't seem to go together. This is when pouring gas on a campfire becomes funny. 

The hot smell of a campfire truly solidifies a campout and you can't really call it camping until you have built one.

It's always better when you are with a group of friends to enjoy those special moments.

That is until that one person in the bunch comes at the fire with a gas can.


I'm glad to hear laughter and not screams of terror.

This really is the worst and most dangerous way to start or stoke a fire. Oddly, the majority of us have seemed to have used this method.

Here's a thought, if your gas can catches fire, don't use it as a blow torch.

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When Pouring Gasoline on a Campfire is Funny [VIDEO]