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Pothole Fishing Photo Goes Viral in Mississippi [VIDEO]

This guy went fishing in a pothole to get a point across, and social media took over.

Heath May, a concerned citizen of Jackson, Mississippi who’s fed up with the potholes in his neighborhood, wanted to make a statement and maybe get a little attention from the city government.

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Potholes are a major bummer, and they happen everywhere. And of course, like in any pothole story, the city truck drives by while WJTV reporters are on the scene, and doesn’t stop.

WJTV News Channel 12


“Actually I feel like they’re neglecting the city as a whole. Because it’s not just south Jackson, it’s even when you go out north and west, you still have the same issues with potholes,” said May.

We can probably count on this being our next meme sensation, and you can expect white block letters on this image any day now.

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Pothole Fishing Photo Goes Viral in Mississippi [VIDEO]