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Potentially Live WWII Grenade Found in Goodwill Donations [VIDEO]

Customers and nearby businesses were evacuated after Goodwill employees found a potentially live grenade while sorting through donations.

Customers and employees at a Goodwill store in Port Orchard, Washington were evacuated on Thursday when a potentially live WWII grenade was found in a pile of recent donations.

An employee of the store made the discovery while sorting through a box of recently donated items. The Port Orchard Police were immediately called and informed that a grenade with the pin still inserted was found.

As customers were wandering through the store, trying clothes on, and purchasing items, an announcement came over the intercom telling everyone to evacuate immediately.

“I’m in the dressing room trying on bathing suits,” Dawn Banks, Goodwill customer, told KIRO TV7, “and all of the sudden an announcement comes over the loud speaker that all customers need to leave the store immediately.”

Other customers claimed that employees were panicked when an explosive ordnance demolition team arrived on the scene. The store was shut down for several hours while the bomb squad examined and disarmed the device.

Later, the Port Orchard Police stated that the grenade was actually a WWII Japanese type 10 grenade and was still live, regardless of the fact that it is over 70 years old and rusted.

Though they are still unsure of who made the donation, they believe that the grenade was brought back by a military veteran as a wartime memento.

Although police and Goodwill employees are still confused as to how someone could accidentally donate a live explosive device, it is not uncommon for veterans to bring back souvenirs from war.

It starts to make you wonder what other random, crazy items have been found at Goodwill stores.

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Potentially Live WWII Grenade Found in Goodwill Donations [VIDEO]