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This Wolf Fish Can Bite Your Hand Off. It’s Also a Potential World Record

A UK angler recently caught a potential world-record giant trahira, also known as a wolf fish.

Richard Hart caught the 26-pound, one-ounce wolf fish using a 16-pound tippet during a recent fishing expedition to Suriname in South America.

Hart’s catch is likely the new world-record wolfish for the 16-pound tippet class. The International Game Fish Association is currently reviewing the record. 

Hart spent an hour and 30 minutes fighting the vicious fish in the Kalebo River deep in the Amazon. After landing the wolf fish, he safely released it back into the river.

If you’re unfamiliar with the wolf fish, just consider its namesake and you’ll have a good sense of how ruthless this fish species is.

Wolf fish can literally bite your hand off. Their huge mouths are filled with rows of sharp, canine-like teeth attached to powerful jaws. These fish will chomp on pretty much anything moving in the water, including human limbs.

Their aggressiveness makes them popular catches among anglers looking for exotic catches.  But be warned: Wolf fish have been known to jump into boats to bite unsuspecting anglers.

In a nutshell, you don’t want to mess with these suckers unless you know what you’re doing.

According to, the current world record in the 16-pound class is a 14-pound, 8-ounce wolfish caught in 2012 in Brazil’s Iriri River. The biggest wolfish ever caught was a 32-pound, 15-ounce beast caught in Guiana’s Sinamary River back in 2007.

What’s the most exotic fish you’ve caught?

Featured image via International Game Fish Association

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This Wolf Fish Can Bite Your Hand Off. It’s Also a Potential World Record