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Potential World Record Muskie Caught on Mille Lacs

All images from Muskie First/Dean Block

Mille Lacs has produced another near record muskie!

In a story that is blowing up the Internet, at least on the muskie fishing side of things, a record muskie caught by Dean Block has pushed near world record numbers.

In a story first seen on a Muskie First message board in a post by Block himself, the pictures of this beast-of-a-fish truly have to be seen to be believed.

Then, as if that wasn’t good enough, Block posted a video of the release.

As you can see by the video, that is a true giant of a muskie. In the initial post on that message board, Block shared his story in his own words.

Well, I guess it’s time to let out the news of a fish that may have made history… On November 25th we were out on the pond trolling in my boat when the clicker went off on my partners rod (Dominic Hoyos) with a large custom bait (I had it painted by Tyler Wolf in Wisconsin) at 12:35pm and what we were able to put in the bag was absolutely unbelievable. She measured a touch over 55″ with a pinched tail and had a legitimate 30″ girth. Weight calculators put her at almost 62lbs on one formula and high fifties on the other… Either way a World Record contender for sure.

Currently, the world record muskie sits at 67 pounds, eight ounces, and was caught by Cal Johnson. Had this fish actually been certified, there was definitely a chance.

With a girth of 30-inches, this may be one of the fattest muskies ever caught.


Coupled with the 55 inches of length, weight calculators would put this fish in the low to mid 60-pound range.


For a real clear image on how truly massive this fish is, just look below. Oh..My…God.

Screen shot 2015-11-27 at 10.02

This may not be the last we hear about a record from Mille Lacs. Very recently, a fly fishing record may have fallen for a muskie with this beast.

Congrats again Dean on such an amazing fish. What is even more amazing is the fact he let it go. Because of the catch and release efforts of Mr. Block, we will never know if this was in fact a new world record or not. However, for us muskie fishermen, that’s not why we fish for them anyways. We fish for them so we can let them go.

That is the sign of a true muskie fisherman.


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Potential World Record Muskie Caught on Mille Lacs