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Kansas Angler Bags Pending State Record Rainbow Trout

Last month a Kansas man caught a rainbow trout that will likely snag the state record.

On Feb. 23, Josh McCollough bagged a 15.72-pound rainbow trout from Kill Creek Park Lake, according to the Kansas City Star.

He was just two minutes into his fishing trip when he caught the fish.

“It just wasn’t fighting that hard,” he said. “But then it came to the surface and my heart started racing. I had never seen a trout this big.”

McCollough, 22, was astonished to catch such a monster-sized trout in Kill Creek.

“There were rumors going around that they had stocked a few trout up to 12 pounds this year. But I didn’t expect anything like this.”

He weighed the pending record rainbow trout on a certified scale at a nearby grocery store. He’s submitted an official application for the state record. The record review process will take up to 30 days. The current state record is 15.68 pounds.

What’s the biggest rainbow trout you’ve caught?

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Kansas Angler Bags Pending State Record Rainbow Trout