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Potential New State Record Largemouth Bass Caught in Rhode Island

record largemouth
Images via the Warwick Beacon

This bass may break a 25-year-old record. 

Rhode Island has a potential new state record largemouth after a massive bass was reeled in last weekend.

If officially certified by the Department of Environmental Management, Connecticut resident Brandon Migliore's 11.2-pound largemouth bass taken from Johnson's Pond will have broken a state record that has stood for the last 25 years, an absolute giant for a northern state.

"The bass hit when I had about 75 percent of my cast retrieved," Migliore told the Warwick Beacon. "I waited a bit before setting the hook as I have been setting it too early. I waited until I felt the weight, the rod bend and then set the hook. I just kept the pressure on the fish because I knew that if I let up the fish would be gone."


After a short fight, he finally got the fish in and Migliore and his friend realized this bass was something special.

There was a roller coaster of emotions for the two anglers, as two different sets of scales showed two different weights. One showed it as under the previous record, the other above it. But the two took the bass over to Sandy Bottom Bait & Tackle where they had a set of certified scales, and the bass weighed in at 11.2.

They tried to keep the bass alive in a tank at the tackle store, but it eventually rolled over and died.

Migliore had been fishing the area consistently for the last 15 years with his friend in hopes of landing a largemouth that would be a record breaker. They were definitely in the right area. His friend landed an eight-pound fish just minutes before the record bass struck a Magnum jitterbug.

The previous record was a 10.6-pound fish caught in Carbuncle Pond back in 1991. The record was the final big payoff for a long-time effort by the two fishermen.

"My fishing partner and friend, Mathew Sheldon, and I have been fishing this area for over 15 years in hunt for a record breaking largemouth... week after week, month after month, year after year," Migliore told the Warwick Beacon. "It's hard to believe we did it. I give a lot of credit to Mathew; he is a great fisherman and has taught me a lot."

There's been a lot of state record bass caught already this year and  Migliore's is the second to come from a more north eastern state this year. Delaware saw a new state record earlier this year as well.


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Potential New State Record Largemouth Bass Caught in Rhode Island