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Potential 2nd Largest Crocodile in Australia Captured

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For being the second largest crocodile in Australia, you sure wouldn’t know by looking at it! 

In breaking news, reports are just now surfacing of quite possibly the 2nd largest crocodile in Australia recently being captured. The beast was confirmed to measure out to an incredible 18 feet and three inches, weighing in at a massive 1,962 pounds! It’s fairly safe to say that this crocodile was a man-eater.

After being captured Matt Wright, Australia’s own crocodile hunter, it was quickly realized just how big the croc really was. It has been reported that the largest crocodile on record, from the Guinness Book of World Records, goes to a croc named Cassius. This monster is still alive and is just under 18 feet long but weighs a lot more than the recently captured super-croc. Cassius tips the scales at 2,134 pounds!


Even though this soon-to-be-named giant crocodile is a true monster, it still doesn’t really measure up to the largest crocodile in the world. That top spot goes to a croc named Kalia, residing in India. Measuring in just under 23 feet and almost 4,400 pounds, there’s little denying his status as the king of all crocs.

Don’t close the book on the world’s biggest crocodile just yet though. There is still one super-croc that has been witnessed on several occasions in the Northern Territory of Australia that may give Kalia a run for his money one day. This yet to be captured crocodile named Dominator, is estimated to be over 20 feet long and easily 2,000 pounds.

It sure would be neat to see one of these crocodiles in person, but in the meantime, they can stay in Australia.


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Potential 2nd Largest Crocodile in Australia Captured