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Postseason Turkey School: How to Kill the Running Gobbler [VIDEO]

the running gobbler

Turkey school is now in session and today we will learn how to kill the running gobbler, one of the most frustrating turkeys in the woods.

Last time in postseason turkey school we learned about the silent tom and how the best way to bring him home is to stop relying only on calls to get him, and start using other strategies and tactics. Some of the ones mentioned were decoys and then studying and playing to his habits.

This second “un-killable” turkey is quite different from the first. This is the running gobbler.

As much as it seems to be the opposite of the silent tom, the running gobbler is actually quite similar. The most aggravating part however, is that this bird will answer all of your calls and you can hear him avoiding you.

Tom Stuckey from the National Wild Turkey Federation tells us about how frustrating it can be to hear a bird and know that he is out there and even responding to you, simply ignoring you and moving in another direction anyway.

And while it is true that the running gobbler can be a very difficult bird to kill, they also seem to make for the best stories afterwards. So, next time you’re up against a running gobbler, grab a good crow call for locating and get to stalking.

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Postseason Turkey School: How to Kill the Running Gobbler [VIDEO]