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Post Season Turkey School: How to Kill the Boss Bird [VIDEO]

The Boss Bird

For the final lesson of post season turkey school, we will find out how to kill the boss bird who may not listen to reason.

Over the past few days, with the help of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), we have had a look at some of the turkeys you may not have been able to kill this season. We have also seen some awesome remedies to these different problem birds.

Today we bring you the final lesson in this post season turkey school series; how to kill the boss bird. He can come in many different forms. The one mentioned by P.J. Perea in the video below happens to be an older tom with no nearby challengers for dominance or breeding rights.

It may be the case that the boss bird has a situation similar to the one Perea killed in Edgefield, or it could be a bird that is just superior and unchallenged by the younger, smaller gobblers in the area. Either way, the NWTF is on the right track with their advice.

Patience, and a willingness to go for something crazy, is going to be what finally brings home the boss bird. When you get desperate and start doing things like throwing 18 decoys out in a field, you either look ridiculous, or you bring home the one you’ve been after

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Post Season Turkey School: How to Kill the Boss Bird [VIDEO]