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Possible World Record Muskie Released [PICS]

WV Metro News

A world record muskie for a kayak and a fly rod? Well, maybe.

An angler caught what could have been one of the largest muskies ever out of a kayak, or maybe even on a fly rod, but a world record muskie? It could be possible.

Logan Martin of Ripley, West Virginia was fishing Mill Creek with his fly rod when the big fish hit. After quick measurements and some pictures, it was quickly released back into the water to swim another day.

Logan-Martin-1-e1443622019819-1This fish may qualify for the World Record status on a fly rod in the tippet class. For example, the largest world record muskie on the fly was 49.5 inches and 29 pounds. It was caught on 20-pound class tippet.


According to this story, the Martin fish was 45.25 inches long with a 25-inch girth. By using this calculator, that would put it at approximately 36 pounds. With those numbers, it would be the largest fly rod muskie ever, in any category, regardless of tippet size, up to 20 pounds.

There is little doubt that this is one fat fish. Coming in at over 45 inches, it’s a solid fish in any fisherman’s book. With Martin being the muskie fisherman that he is, releasing the fish was no question at all.


“Unless it’s an accidental death, muskie fishermen generally release the fish,” said Martin. “In our mind we’ll let her grow and we’ll come back and catch her again.”

Since this fish was released without official measurements being taken, it does not qualify for any record books, but world record or not, congratulations on one incredible fish!

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Possible World Record Muskie Released [PICS]