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Possible World Record Dorado Filleted Before Certification [VIDEO]

Photos via Pisces Sportfishing

How would you feel if you filleted a world record fish before getting it weighed? 

In breaking news coming out of Cabo San Lucas, a massive dorado was caught by Brian Lindsey, a physician from Indianola, Mississippi, after several days of fishing with the guys from Pisces Sportfishing.

Upon exiting the boat, Lindsey told the guys in the office of the charter service about his massive fish and they quickly called down to the dock to stop the deck hands cutting up their client’s catch. However, it was too late. Lindsey’s possible new world record dorado had already been filleted.

World record dorado or not, here is a clip taken by Pisces Sportfishing showing off Lindsey’s impressive fish.

As the story goes, Lindsey told the staff at Pisces Sportfishing they weighed the dorado on the boat with a handheld scale that registered 102 pounds. The current world record dorado, a record that has been standing since 1976, weighs in at 87 pounds.

Lindsey and the crew had no idea.


Lindsey’s scale was verified as mostly accurate once on dry land, but the IGFA does not recognize catches that have been filleted or weighed by uncertified scales.


By dockside mathematical calculations in figuring the 66″ length and weight of the carcass with the weight of the fillets, they estimated the fish at 92 pounds.

Even still, it would have easily eclipsed the world record. It’s been reported Lindsey’s screams of despair can still be heard if you stand outside and listen close.

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Possible World Record Dorado Filleted Before Certification [VIDEO]