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Possible World-Record Deer Antlers Could Be Worth a Cool $100 Grand

Photos Courtesy of Stephen Tucker

This Tennessee buck could mean a massive windfall for this lucky hunter (if it's the new world record, that is).

As far as monster buck stories go, this one is definitely a page-turner. Shot with a muzzleloader on November 7 in Sumner County, Tennessee, this beast of a whitetail came adorned with a staggering 47-point non-typical rack, leaving the hunting community wondering if this might be crowned the new world record.

world-record deer antlers

Stephen Tucker, a 26-year-old hunter who hails from Gallatin, Tennessee, may be in line for a huge windfall. Here's why: a world-record rack commands big bucks, and there are many collectors out there for which money isn't an object. According to Jarod Steele, owner of Great Basin Antler Buyers in Utah, the rack has the potential to yield some serious cash.

"It's hard to put an exact number on it, but to the right buyer it could be worth a hundred grand," said Steele. "Especially if it turns out to be a world record because there are people who collect stuff like that who are millionaires. To them it might be worth more than $100,000. You never know."

Capt. Dale Grandstaff, of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and an official Boone and Crockett scorer, measured the rack at 313-2/8 inches gross. The net gross after deductions was 308?...? inches. The current state record was set in the year 2000 and grossed 256 points and netted 244?...? inches. The world record, killed by an Iowa hunter in 2003, had 38 points and scored 307?...? inches net.

world-record deer antlers

For now, the world will have to wait. The antlers are currently sitting in a bank, undergoing a mandatory 60-day drying out period before the official Boone and Crockett score can count. In the meantime, Tucker hasn't decided what he will do, but he intends to simply go with the flow.

And that 'flow' might be hitting the lottery motherload, with the winning ticket a sweet set of world-record antlers! Time will tell.

All photos courtesy of Stephen Tucker.

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Possible World-Record Deer Antlers Could Be Worth a Cool $100 Grand