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Possible State Record Walleye Caught in Washington

A Washington angler bagged a pending state record walleye last Friday on the Columbia River.

Angler Jeff Gurbenhoff caught the potential state record walleye near Tri-Cities, Wash., according to the Spokesman-Review. Grubenhoff’s catch weighed 20.32 pounds, which surpasses the current record of 19.3 pounds set in 2007. A state biologist who was with Grubenhoff during the official weighing said the fish will probably take the state record.

Grubenhoff caught the fish shortly after leaving work on Friday, according to the Spokesman-Review. He rushed to the river to get some fishing time in before dark. Winter is a good time of year to catch female walleye full of eggs. That proved to be true, as Grubenhoff caught his first fish just minutes into his trip.

“A cold front was forecast to come in that evening so I figured that fishing would be good,” he said. “Boy was it. My first fish came within about 10 minutes, a nice hen around 14 pounds. I released her as usual and went back at it.”

He bagged the record walleye a half hour later trolling a Rapala J-13, a silver-and-black minnow lure at a speed of 0.8 mph near a rocky shoreline.

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Grubenhoff is no stranger to walleye fishing.

“I have been tournament fishing for about 25 years, mostly with my son Jacob, who is my best buddy,” he said. “We’ve won nine tournaments and placed in the money dozens of times.”

His previous personal walleye record was 18 pounds.

What’s the largest walleye you’ve ever caught? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Possible State Record Walleye Caught in Washington