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Possible (and Stunning) New World Record Typical Shot in Ohio

world record buck

A hunter's dream is to harvest the world record buck. Did this hunter from Ohio just make it come true?

November means one thing, and one thing only! Big bucks will be hitting the dirt, and trail cam photos will be rapidly spreading through hunters' phones. But, bigger news... did the world record typical buck get shot in Ohio this past week?

Supposedly, Mark Preecher was lucky enough to put an arrow into this incredible Ohio whitetail. Word on the street is that the buck green scored at an incredible 234" of typical bone, and it could be the new record typical buck.

Is it true? Below are pics from Bad Blood TV Facebook page; you can try to judge for yourself.


Unfortunately, we do not know many details, and we're waiting on more information about this possible breaking news, but word on the street is that Milo Hansen's record buck may be in jeopardy.

Whether this buck does break the record or not, it is an absolute monster and a buck of many lifetimes. The fact that he got it with a bow is just the cherry on top.

The Hansen buck net scored a whopping 213 5/8 typical inches and has held the record since 1993. A true blue beauty and giant. That buck is pictured below.


Stay tuned to see what comes of this story. As we mentioned, we are waiting on more details. Plus, for official record books, the buck has to wait out a 60-day drying period before being officially scored. Then, we'll see if it still beats the record.

Man, I love big bucks!

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Possible (and Stunning) New World Record Typical Shot in Ohio