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Possible New Louisiana State Record Bluegill Caught on Kiddie Pole


Massive bluegill caught using a kiddie pole!

Louisiana has a potential new state record bluegill caught from Iatt Lake and it was caught on a children's pole!

Tim Delaney and his wife Mickie headed out for a relaxing evening of fishing last Saturday when the two stumbled across on some beds in some cypress trees. Mickie always uses kiddie poles to fish for bluegills. Tim was actually fishing for bass before he decided the fishing action his wife was finding was too good to pass up.

"She went to picking them up as fast as she could put crickets on, so I set my bass rig down and picked up one of those little bitty 2-foot long kiddie poles - that's all we had in the boat," Delaney told Louisiana Sportsman. "We were steadily putting bream in the boat, but it was getting late so we were going to go and come back the next morning and hit it again."


But he decided to make another cast towards a stump near where they were getting most of their bites. Sure enough, something big hit the cricket. In fact, the strike was so strong, he was sure he'd hooked into a bass.

"It took off like a rocket. It was nowhere similar to a bream," Delaney told Louisiana Sportsman.

The fish took a run towards deep water before Delaney eventually worked it back towards the boat where it became wrapped in the trolling motor. What followed was no doubt a tense few moments as Delaney worried the fish might break off the tiny pole.

Somehow, he managed to work the massive panfish free. "I eventually got it close enough, and just grabbed the line with my hand and pulled the slack out like a cane pole and just swung it up and in the boat," Delaney told Louisiana Sportsman. "That's all I could do."

The husband and wife team knew the bluegill was absolutely massive, but they realized it had to be close to a record. Their first guess was it may have been 3 pounds. In any case, Delaney immediately got on his phone to check the record, a 1.63-pounder caught in July 2008 by Oliver Hertzog.


"When I saw the record, I said, 'Oh yeah, if this is not the record, it's right there with it. I didn't have any fishing scales with me," Delaney told Louisiana Sportsman.

Of course, because it was in the evening on a Saturday, they couldn't find anywhere open that would have the certified scales necessary for the catch. As a result, the weighing in of the big bluegill didn't come until Monday morning when the massive 11 ½-inch bluegill was officially weighed at 1.83-pounds.

If all the paperwork is approved, the fish will easily become the new No. 1 for Louisiana.

This spring has been a good one for re-writing the record book for Louisiana. Earlier this year, the state's crappie records were re-written when Poverty Point Reservoir produced three state-record class fish in just eight days.

Images via Louisiana Sportsman.


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Possible New Louisiana State Record Bluegill Caught on Kiddie Pole