Possible New Jersey State Record Sea Bass Caught from Party Boat

Lucky fisherman Steve Singler reels in what will probably be the biggest sea bass ever caught in New Jersey. 

While New Jersey is known as the Garden State it also hosts some pretty decent fishing. Jutting out in to the Atlantic Ocean, with miles and miles of sandy beaches, rocky tidal rips, reefs, and wrecks, New Jersey can support just about any fishing desire you might have, freshwater included.

None of this, however, mattered to Steve Singler. While aboard the Voyager out of Point Pleasant, NJ Steve landed a 9-pound sea bass, surpassing the standing state record of 8 pounds 4.5 ounces set in 2010. To put it in perspective this is roughly twice the size of what would be considered a quality bass.

While most of the state's outdoorsman are chasing deer at this time of year, some of the hardier fisherman are braving the icy elements aboard "party", or "head" boats in search of shipwreck dwelling sea bass. Trips aboard these boats consists of a general admission type of system where fisherman are serviced by a captain and mate, bait provided, with the potential to rent rods if the fisherman needs one. Though incredibly fun, it may be one of the more unexpected ventures one would expect to hook a record fish on, lacking the flash and pizzazz of high dollar boats ripping out towards the ocean.

While Steve looks happy in his photo, the fish couldn't appear to be more annoyed.

Congratulations to a lucky New Jersey fisherman.


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