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Possible First Georgia Cougar Sighting in Several Decades

Georgia cougar

A Georgia Cougar has supposedly been spotted this past week, yet no pictures.

This past Thursday July 7, a resident of Dogwood Circle neighborhood in Lafayette, Ga., reported that she saw a mountain lion. The large feline, referred to at times as a cougar, was very large she explained. A Georgia cougar would be news since there hasn't been one in a long time.

Connie Forester was out for a walk around 7 a.m. when she witnessed the cat roaming through the neighborhood. She estimated the large cat to be 6-to-8 feet long from head to tail.

The mountain lion is tan in color and has been noted to "sound like a woman screaming." This has been heard the last 2-to-3 weeks by residents of the neighborhood.

Capt. Stacey Meeks of Lafayette police department explained, "this is a worry for children," he said. "If it is starving it could hurt someone."

The police department has been in contact with biologists and the Georgia DNR and Wildlife Resources Division. However, the Georgia WRD has no "credible, physical evidence that would substantiate the presence of a mountain lion in the area."

Trail cameras will be placed out in hopes of capturing the large animal in pictures.

Since last Thursday, two more residents have reported seeing the large animal according to Lafayette police. However, biologist, Adam Hammond, said when they searched the area for evidence all they found were tracks of deer, bobcat and raccoons.

Even though there hasn't been a cougar in Georgia in years there was a panther killed in Troup County in 2008 and was noted to be illegal to shoot since it was an endangered species that came up from Florida.

In 2015, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency confirmed six sightings in the state four of which were confirmed in Humphreys County.

So the questions remains. Without physical evidence is this fact or fiction? Is there a mountain lion in Georgia yet? Only time will tell.


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Possible First Georgia Cougar Sighting in Several Decades