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Possible Alligator Sighted in Lake Benson, North Carolina [PICS]

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Reports of an alligator living in Lake Benson near Garner, North Carolina has obliged town and park officials to post warnings around the lake. 

Since May, 2015 there have been at least four reports of an alligator living in Lake Benson.

A notice posted at the lake’s public boat dock warns residents and users of the popular lake to be aware of the possibility of a large reptile in the area.

Coastal Review
Coastal Review

Town spokesman Rick Mercier said, “No one with the expertise has gone out there and positively identified the alligator. Whether this is truly an alligator, log or snapping turtle, we are erring on the side of caution and letting them know reports have come in.”

At least one landowner, a boathouse operator, and several fishermen have purportedly spotted the creature and all are saying it was an alligator.

North Carolina Wildlife officials have not yet been made aware of any alligator sightings at Lake Benson and say that alligators are not known to live as far inland as Garner.

If anyone at the lake wants to report a sighting they are asked to call North Carolina Wildlife at 919-707-0040.

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Possible Alligator Sighted in Lake Benson, North Carolina [PICS]