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Possible 8th CWD-Positive Deer Discovered in Michigan

Travis Smola

There’s some more bad news for Michigan on the CWD front.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has announced the likely presence of chronic wasting disease, or CWD, in a buck found in Ingham County recently.

The suspected positive animal is a 3.5-year-old buck culled by a sharpshooter as a part of a CWD management program in Meridian Township. Officials had been using targeted sharpshooting to remove deer likely to have the disease.

If confirmed, it would be the eighth recorded case of the disease in Michigan.

Testing still needs to be completed in an Iowa lab to confirm the animal had the fatal neurological disease, but officials are expanding the CWD management zone and will perform required testing in deer management unit 333 (DMU 333), where there will be five check stations in operation.

“This latest suspect positive reinforces the notion that the disease is still occurring in Meridian Townships and perhaps elsewhere,” DNR specialist Chad Stewart said in a press release. “We are counting on hunters to bring their deer in for testing so we have a better understanding about the scope of the disease.”

The news of this latest find comes after the DNR expanded CWD management areas earlier this spring. The state has been very vocal in educating hunters about the disease and proactive in its efforts to combat its spread in recent years.

Check back throughout the season to see if and when any other CWD news comes out of Michigan.


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Possible 8th CWD-Positive Deer Discovered in Michigan