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Is It Possible to Down 3 Gobblers in 1 Shot?

When these hunters go fall turkey hunting, they don’t mess around.

Watch as they take down three gobblers with one shot in Tennessee, where it’s legal to do so.

Fall turkey hunting is different from the spring season in a couple of ways.

The first difference is that in the spring, we hunt gobblers; in the fall, we hunt turkeys. In most states that allow fall turkey hunting, any turkey is legal game. This gives hunters a chance to thin out those hens that compete and frustrate them throughout the spring season.

Second, mature gobblers are not as vulnerable during the fall season. To kill a gobbler in the fall, you need to challenge his place in the pecking order of the flock, not appeal to his will to breed like in the spring.

If you’ve never tried fall turkey hunting, get out and give it a shot. You’ll learn more about turkey vocalizations in a good day fall turkey hunting than you will in a week of the spring season.

Plus, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and there’s no better way to decorate your holiday table than with a wild bird you harvested yourself.

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Is It Possible to Down 3 Gobblers in 1 Shot?