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Mountain Lion Prowling Portland, Oregon Captured, Euthanized

"The Portland Cougar", a mountain lion that prowled the city's east side, has been killed.

An Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist euthanized the mountain lion last Friday after officers captured it in the backyard of an east Portland home, according to Oregon Live.

"It had become habituated to the city," said Meg Kenagy, an ODFW spokeswoman. "It had lost its fear of people. 

The big cat, dubbed "The Portland Cougar", was spotted in several locations across East Portland.

This a strange occurrence, considering cougars mostly stick to the forests and hills. They are seldom seen by humans.

"When cougars are seen during the day they have lost their fear of people," Kenagy said.

The Portland Cougar wasn't the only mountain lion to recently wander into a busy city. Last week, a mountain lion prowled a mall in Sandy, Utah. Of all places, that cougar chose to bed down outside of a steakhouse. Go figure.

Click here to learn more about the Utah cougar and to watch footage of its escape.

Have you ever seen a cougar in your backyard?

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Mountain Lion Prowling Portland, Oregon Captured, Euthanized