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Portland Bass Club Creates Bracket Madness to Revive Fishery

portland bass
Craig Robin

In a region where salmon, trout, steelhead, and sturgeon dominate freshwater fisheries, Portland Bass Club looks to draw anglers into camaraderie and friendly competition.

What started with a gathering of Portland-area bass anglers to compete in a topwater-only tournament has developed into a bass club, offering anglers the opportunity to network and learn from each other as well as compete in some very uniquely themed tournaments.


The 503 Basserzz Team Tournaments Series events will be open to public. Within the Bass club, there will also be a series of internal club events and tournaments, including a team "draw." This new angler vs. angler competition structure will allow anglers to challenge other anglers in a head-to-head "bracket" style tournament, similar to those in other major sports.

The bracket also intends to include other bass clubs, pitting Portland-area anglers against other teams from clubs in other regions outside the area.

According to its mission statement, 503 Basserzz aims to:

"... stimulate public awareness of bass fishing as a major sport. To improve our skills as bass anglers through fellowship and the friendly exchange of bass-catching techniques and ideas. To organize and conduct select fishing events and to act as the caretakers of the environment."

Craig Robin

Longtime Portland area bass anglers Craig Robin and Jason Patton hope to create a more inclusive environment to welcome anglers from the surrounding areas.

"Our club is definitely a new breed," says Robin. "We will be introducing some new platforms to make it more friendly to those who are unable to commute to the meetings so they can still participate through video conferencing."

503 Basserzz Founder Jason Patton has been fishing for smallmouth in the Portland area since childhood

Robin says the concept encompasses more than just a club venture: he aims to provide a fun series of events and a platform that will encourage interaction between other similar clubs and organizations. Along with networking with anglers from other clubs, he also intends for 503 Basserzz to stimulate the local economy and bring attention to the value of the Northwest's Bass fisheries by putting local businesses and tackle manufacturers at the forefront.

"We are very interested in supporting local companies, so you will see us promoting great products and businesses that are from the Pacific Northwest."

Fisherman's Marine and Outdoor has adopted a partnership with the club and is taking feedback from 503 Basserzz on events, as well as product availability in its stores, to better serve bass anglers.

fishermansmarineThe 503 Basserzz club kickoff meeting is being held at Fisherman's Marine & Outdoor, 1120 North Hayden Meadows Dr, Portland, OR 97217. Light refreshments will be served, introductions will be made, and an overview of the club, tournaments, events and meetings will be discussed. For more information, contact: [email protected]

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Portland Bass Club Creates Bracket Madness to Revive Fishery