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Portable Hot Tub from Original Nomad is the Perfect Camping Accessory

hot tub
All images via Original Nomad

Ever been camping somewhere and thought, ‘Man I wish we had a hot tub right now.’ Well, now you can bring on along. 

Original Nomad has developed a lightweight, fully collapsible hot tub for the outdoors. Perfect for anyone who wants to sit back and relax those muscles after a hard day on the trail.

When set up it is 60 inches in diameter and 24 inches tall; holding 225 gallons of water. The walls are made of vinyl available in red, yellow, or black. When collapsed down it only weighs 20 pounds, including the frame.

The water is heated by a stainless steel coil by either propane or firewood that attaches to the side of the hot tub. No pumps are required for water flow either. The coil pulls cold water into the lower port of the coil from the heat of the fire or propane through a process called thermo-syphoning.

hot tub


The only pump you will need is one to pull water from a lake or creek to fill it up. They recommend a Honda WX10 that can fill up the hot tub in 10 minutes.

Now, if you are out and want to use it you will need to set it up in advance. It takes roughly two to three hours for the water to get to 105 degrees. After that, one 20-pound tank of propane will heat the tub for about five to seven hours depending on the temperature outside.


hot tub

You will be dropping some serious coin to have this luxury on your next camping trip. The tub is $550 and the coil is $625; this does not include shipping. The hot tub and coil have to be purchased separately from Original Nomad’s site.

If you can look past the price this would be an awesome piece to add to you camping gear. Especially for a romantic getaway to the outdoors with your significant other.

All Photos from Original Nomad.

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Portable Hot Tub from Original Nomad is the Perfect Camping Accessory