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Pork Choppers Aviation Smokes the Bacon [VIDEO]

Do you have a wild hog problem?

Pork Choppers Aviation has you covered.

Call in air support and smoke some bacon!

When it comes to wild hog removal, Pork Choppers Aviation has no rivals.

Traditional ground-pounding hunters try to spot the wise old hogs and are always at a disadvantage. Hogs hide very well in the brush.

But Pork Choppers Aviation has an bird's eye view on the situation. These fine folks operate two helicopters and offer the most superb aerial wild hog hunt around.

In this video, a group of five hunters took an incredible 11 coyotes and 146 wild hogs. Impressive? You bet it is.

The weapons used were an amazing array of professional-grade ordnance. They had HK 762s, HK MP5s, AR15s, and sound suppressors for the gunners to use from their lofty hunting perch.

If you are a landowner in need of wild hog and coyote removal, Pork Choppers Aviation is ready for your call. See you in the air, and get ready to smoke some pork!

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Pork Choppers Aviation Smokes the Bacon [VIDEO]