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A Look at the Innovative PolyCase Ammunition [VIDEO]

What does the new PolyCase ammunition offer, and is it the next biggest development in ammunition technology? Check out this video of the gelatin test and judge for yourself. 

Polymer-based bullets offered by PolyCase promise to be the new future of small arms technology.

The composite bullet is a mix of copper and polymer materials, is lead-free and lighter than the normal lead ammunition bullet. This allows for environmentally-friendly bullets and an overall lighter cartridge meaning you can carry more and preserve weight in and out of the gun.

The bullets are frangible and can be recycled from the bullet fragments. They are are less prone to ricochet over standard conditions. And of course, higher velocities are achieved with the lighter weight bullets.

Among the selections offered by PolyCase is a tracer round named the Firefly that promises to be safe on the environment and daylight visible.

Check out all of the PolyCase ammunition selections on their website.

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A Look at the Innovative PolyCase Ammunition [VIDEO]