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Politician Under Fire for Shooting, Eating Elephant

A member of the Australian Parliament is the latest under attack for harvesting big game. But he's not backing down.

The latest in a string of high profile hunting stories, many uneducated anti-hunters around the world have again lost their minds over the legal harvesting of an animal overseas. This time it's Australian Politician, Robert Borsak, who legally harvested an adult elephant.

In a recent statement made before the New South Wales parliament, Borsak both defended his right to harvest the animal as well as his moral obligation to consume the nutritious meat it provided.

The hunt under question took place over 10 years ago in Zimbabwe, an area that continues to drive its economy and provide for local people through conservation efforts and exotic hunting safaris. The influx of money as well as the availability of hard to come by protein is a boon to both the economic health and the physical health of the local villagers.

According to an article by The Huffington Post, Borsak defended his actions by saying that "The reality is that the hunting programs in conservation terms in Zimbabwe are so successful that there are far too many elephants."

Borsak with Elephant in Zimbabwe - Photo Credit: Jeremy Buckingham via Twitter.
Borsak with Elephant in Zimbabwe - Photo Credit: Jeremy Buckingham via Twitter

Overlooked yet again my many protesting the activity is the tremendous positive impact hunting has towards conservation efforts through the preservation of habitat and population control of animals. This is as true for Zimbabwe as it is right here at home in the U.S.

Other high profile hunters that have come under fire, like cheerleader Kendall Jones or adventurist and storyteller Donnie Vincent, often preach the same message of conservation, though it appears to often fall on deaf ears. Borsak also criticized the Obama Administration for their 2015 decision to ban the import of elephant products. He argues this ruling has made the situation in Zimbabwe and other countries worse by allowing poaching activity to take hold rather than encouraging legal hunting.

A point of frustration for many, whether taken legally with a hunting license or saving the life of a child in a zoo, it seems many in the mainstream media and general public will pounce on any opportunity to defend the right of an animal while ignoring the rights of humans. While the murder rate in cities like Chicago soars up 72%, the media casts its bright light on individual cases of legal hunting. Borsak, who discussed the hunt with parliament more from the stance of proclamation than of confession or admission, argues that "Animals do not have intrinsic human rights." He goes on to say that, "Humans have a right to eat meat if they choose to do so. It is as simple as that." A chorus sung by many hunters who agree with Borsak, he continues by saying, "I choose to hunt and gather my own meat because it is my right to do so. It is a clean, organic, and sustainable way to live."

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Politician Under Fire for Shooting, Eating Elephant