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Did a Police Supply Company Just Leak the New Glock? [PICS]

Keiser Police Supply

Photos of possible new-for-2015, optics-ready Glock models leaked before the 2015 SHOT Show.

Just a few days ago, Kiesler Police Supply, a Glock distributor, posted photos on their Facebook page that appear to be several new Glock models for 2015.

Expected to be officially announced at this years SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the photos reveal several popular Glock models (34, 35, 41) outfitted with what the Austrian manufacturer is calling their “M.O.S,” or Modular Optics System.

new glocks


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The real surprise, however, is the Model 40 “Hunter.” The long slide, optic-ready handgun is chambered for the 10mm cartridge.

While not as popular for law-enforcement or self defense as other cartridges, the 10mm (parent case for the popular .40 S&W) is a popular choice for those who carry a handgun while hunting, either as a backup or as their primary weapon. Proponents of the 10mm like to say that it is one of few handgun cartridges that can reliably harvest medium sized game, like whitetail deer.

While no official announcement has come from Glock, stay tuned to Wide Open Spaces for more info.

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Did a Police Supply Company Just Leak the New Glock? [PICS]